Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, disabled cyclist. Photo Credit: Howard Lipin PHOTO: Yeboah stands at the side of a road with his bike raised in one hand while he poses, smiling with a helmet on. He is wearing a black and white track uniform with the colors of the Ghanian flag accentuating it.

Rob Kim/GC Images/Getty PHOTO: A group of people are protesting, holding up Puerto Rican flags and wearing similar attire. One holds a sign that says “4,645 LIVES LOST BUT NOT FORGOTTEN” on it.

Florence Flo Jo Griffith-Joyner stares at the camera, smiling and showing off her colorful long, red nails. She has an Afro
Flo Jo showing off her jewelry, her long, red six-inch nails, while wearing a USA tracksuit and sporting an Afro.

Photo credit: HolLynn D’Lil. Bradley Lomax and Judith Heumann are both seated in wheelchairs. Bradley was a Black Panther with MS and disability rights activist.

Navigating my disabilities and the expectations of people who knew me before my diagnosis

Photo: PeopleImages/Getty Images

Facing a different kind of giant this time.


Afroboricua. Maorocoti. Unapologetic. Ratchet BIE. Me. Disability and Mental Health Awareness Advocate. Wakanda’s Chief Director of Accessibility Services.

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